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Ter eere van den Belgischen soldaat (1922)

Patriotic flag-waving in Ter eere van den Belgische soldaat / A la gloire du troupier belge, an official propaganda film that “emphasizes the activity, endurance and sacrifices of all soldiers” made by the Film Service of the Belgian Army in 1922.
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Bwana Kitoko (1955)

In the late 1930s, André Cauvin had made fame as the director of several remarkable art documentaries. Because he was a well-known filmmaker at the time, he is asked by the Belgian Ministery of the Colonies to make documentaries about the Belgian Congo. After a first visit in 1939, Cauvin becomes attached to the country and its people. He returns on several occasions and makes many succesful documentaries. When the B
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Toto et sa soeur en bombe à Bruxelles (1910)

This 1910 Pathé short about two kids visiting Brussels was clearly intended to attract tourists.
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