De Witte (1934)

In the hands of Jan Vanderheyden and Edith Kiel, Ernest Claes’ (1885-1968) bestselling novel Whitey (1920) becomes a lyrical Heimat film that glorifies the beauty of Flanders, its countryside and its people. In 1980 the novel was adapted for the screen for the second time. Flemish enfant terrible Robbe De Hert turned De Witte into a symbol of Flemish stubbornness and resistance against authority. Use this link
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De Loteling (1974)

The Conscript is a 1974 Flemish ‘Heimat’-drama from Roland Verhavert (1927-2014). The film stars Jan Decleir and Ansje Beentjes and is an adaptation of Hendrik Conscience’s (1812-1893) classic book of the same title (1850). The book was already adapted for the Belgian screen in 1919. This film by Armand du Plessy is considered lost.
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