Felix Van Groeningen

The Misfortunates (2009)

A working class hero is something to be. Felix Van Groeningen is part of the generation that put Flemish cinema back on the map. His The Misfortunates, based on a novel by Dimitri Verhulst, got selected for several film festivals and was a considerable box office hit. The succes was surpassed by Van Groeningen’s next film, Alabama Monroe (The Broken Circle Breakdown, 2014).
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Alabama Monroe (2012)

The Broken Circle Breakdown (Alabama Monroe) was a worthy follow-up for The Misfortunates (2009) by the Ghent whizkid  Felix Van Groeningen (1977). The film was initially not released in Wallonia, but after numerous prizes and nomination (including an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film), it became a big national hit. Exceptionally for a Belgian film, The Broken Circle Breakdown also became a modest success in the
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