Charles Dekeukeleire

Terres brulées (1934)

A visual travel diary by Charles Dekeukeleire charting the course of the expedition mounted in 1934 by Captain Brondeel, the first succesful attempt to travel from Brussels to the Congo by lorry, a journey covering 16.500 miles in 112 days.
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Thèmes d’inspiration (1938)

Themes of Inspiration (Charles Dekeukeleire, 1938) is one of the first masterpieces of the Belgian experimental art film. It was commissioned by the Belgian government to promote Belgium as a country with a rich and long-standing artistic tradition. From Jordaens to Ensor and from Breughel to Meunier: all artists born in the region were inspired by the Belgian landscapes, cities and people.
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Combat de boxe (1927)

This avant-garde film by Charles Dekeukeleire (1905-1971) aspires to the international avant-garde (the likes of Germaine Dullac, Marcel L’Herbier, Dziga Vertov, Jean Epstein…). Dekeukeleire visualises a poem by Paul Wéry with the use of tricks and techniques like double exposure, superimposition, negative images and abstract mise-en-scène. The heart-staggering montage more than adequately translates the
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