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Rubens (1948)

Henri Storcks documentary on the work of Pieter Paul Rubens is a true lesson in art history. Through evocative split screens, Rubens’s fluid and natural style  is systematically set against the relative stiffness of Flemish Primitive painters like Dieric Bouts and Jan Van Eyck. Storck clearly feels at ease when taking on the role of the art history teacher. Despite his didactic approach, the experimental filmma
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Paul Delvaux ou les femmes défendues (1969-1970)

In 1969, Henri Storck revisits the work of Paul Delvaux. This time, the now internationally renowned painter himself is at the centre of the image as well as the narrative.
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Le monde de Paul Delvaux (1944)

In this film, Henri Storck, one of Belgiums most prolific experimental and documentary film makers, evokes the poetic world of the surrealist painter Paul Delvaux (1897-1994), then on the verge of his international breakthrough. The paintings and drawings are at the center of the film makers’s attention. The painter himself is present only through his work.   The work of Delvaux inspired several Belgian do
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Alechinsky d’après nature (1975)

Luc de Heusch captures the work of the Belgian artist Pierre Alechinsky (1927). Not only his work, but also the artist’s muses and the artistic process are shown. Although working in very different art forms, De Heusch and Alechinsky share an interest in local customs. In this clip, de Heusch casts his enthographer’s eye on both the artist and his work, and the actual subject of Alechinsky’s paintin
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