Jeudi on chantera comme dimanche (1966)

Throughout his career, Luc De Heusch (1927-2012) combined his profession as an anthropologist with his vocation as a film maker. This resulted not only in a series of ethnographic documentaries on Sub-Saharan Africa (Hamba Feast, 1955; Rwanda 1956), but also in documentaries on the cultural habits of his fellow-countrymen: e.g.,  Mealtime Gestures (1958, on eating habits in Belgium), Friends of Pleasure (1961, on an amateur theater group) and Libre Examen 1968 (on the 1968 student protests). Sing a Song of Sixpence (Jeudi on chantera comme dimanche) – which offers a unique insight into Belgian society of the 1960s – is his only fiction film. But even here, De Heusch can hardly disguise his interest in anthropology.