Boerenpsalm (1989)

Roland Verhavert’s De loteling (The conscript, 1974), Pallieter (1976) and Boerenpsalm (A Countryman’s Psalm, 1989) are quintessential examples of the Flemish heritage cinema of the 1970s and 1980s. Both adaptations of literary classics by Felix Timmermans (1886-1947) are firmly set in catholic, rural Flanders. Other examples of this genre are De Vlaschaard (Flaxfield, Jan Gruyaert, 1983) and De familie Van Paemel (The Van Paemel Family, Paul Cammermans, 1986). Together with producer Kunst en Kino / Art et Cinema (Jan Van Raemdonck), Verhavert was the most prolific director/producer of Flemish Heimat cinema. 


Boerenpsalm, the 1935 novel by Felix Timmermans.