Aanrijding in Moscou (2007)

Moscow, Belgium (Christophe Van Rompaey, 2007) is realistic romcom about a 43-years old single mother and a twenty-something truck driver. The film was part of the Faits divers program (2003-+/-2007), which formalized co-production between VAF (Flemish Audiovisual Fund) and VTM (Flemish commercial television) who each paid 50% of the production budget. The films themselves were made by private production companies (in this case A Private View). Faits divers-films were required to focus on local, human-interest stories. Despite its rather modest budget, Moscow, Belgium went way beyond answering expectations. Selected for the ‘Semaine de la critique’ in Cannes – where the film won three prizes – it traveled to several other festivals and was distributed in at least 20 different countries, including the US. When VTM broadcast the film in October 2009, it was the first film since James Cameron’s Titanic (back in April 2001!) to attract over one million television viewers.